_DSC8928 _DSC9113
“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Sophie: protective and concerned; she loves her brother so
William: freshly washed baby, such an intoxicating scent



happy to be following along with Jodi and her 52 project


2 thoughts on “20|52

  1. hey you! how are you???!! your kiddos are growing up! wow, some time away from the blog world and everyone just keeps on growing! i just happened to pop onto my blog reader screen and there you were with a new name! love it! this + them! i haven’t caught a peek of you in town at all. i hope you are all well.
    i haven’t returned to blogging, but perhaps one day i will post an update or something! i really should. its almost been one year! sniff sniff. i miss that story writing! just wanted to pop by and say hi. ; ) ~kristin

    • Hi Kristin, thanks for stopping by! I have pop by your blog now and then to see if you’ve posted anything, and keep wondering how you are all doing. Hope you are all well, and are enjoying this fantastic weather we are having. Happy summer!!

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