nine months

_DSC8242 _DSC8250 _DSC8253 _DSC8269 _DSC8270


this guy is nine months old today, and it is quite possibly the fastest nine months I have ever experienced! He is yet to crawl, but as you can see from the above photos, he is definitely on the move! Slowly but (somewhat) steadily, he is figuring this body of his out, and is able to get short distances on his own. Some other achievements…
– eating food, and lots of it (mashed food, small pieces, crackers, chunks of bagel, etc)
– lots of ‘dadadada’ and ‘bababa’ and ‘mamamama’… you get the idea
– loves to rough-house – this is something we didn’t really experience with Sophie as she was a little more reserved. He loves to be turned upside down, smushed with pillows, pushed over on the couch…
– has started to sleep on his tummy
– loves to observe, learn, and take part in anything Sophie is doing. She is his world, and he can’t wait to keep up!


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