_DSC7745 _DSC7851“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Sophie: the sun was setting & she was getting hungry for dinner
William: shadows blow his mind; movement of light and dark

We are in a beautiful corner of the world this weekend, in Ucluelet, BC. Tidal pools, clear skies, and the Wild Pacific Trail are a few of the things we have experienced so far. It’s off-season (which means most things are closed), but our lodging is more than comfortable, and the weather is gorgeous. We rose this morning with a view of twisted, old growth trees, jagged rocks, and never-ending-ocean. Tonight, as we ate our dinner, I found myself staring out as the sun set in the horizon, feeling really lucky to live in British Columbia. Nothing recharges your batteries like the beauty of nature.


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