Fifty-Two | Thirty-Eight

52:38 | Motherhood is: patience |


Well, we’re at it. The big “P” word (in toddler land), potty training.

We started off with “3 day potty training”, by Laura Jensen, but we weren’t 100% successful at the end of day 3. We were more like mostly successful, but still quite touch and go.

It’s been 2 weeks since, and it’s still a bit of a process. We’ve regressed a bit, then advanced, then regressed… I think it’s a learning curve that we are approaching like walking or talking; it has to be learnt.

Today we’ve done really well & I am really proud of Sophie and what she has accomplished with it. We aren’t quite there yet, but she’s doing really, really well. I’ll keep you posted how it turns out, and please, wish me a bit of luck (with laundry, accidents, and hauling a potty with us everywhere we go ;).


One thought on “Fifty-Two | Thirty-Eight

  1. oh patience is right! yay sophie girl! i hope that the day that is just “clicks” is right around the corner for you all! regardless, she looks so darn cute sitting there with a big girl pony tail! hope you are doing well.
    ps. i saw wes and sophie the other day on cleveland ave and i waved to him (like he knew me or something) and then i thought “d’uh, i know of him, not the other way around!”).

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