Fifty-Two | Thirty-Seven

52:37 | Motherhood is: morning sickness |

Well, it’s safe to say I see the light at the end of the tunnel. A long, 12 week tunnel. From week two to week 14, I suffered from pretty bad morning sickness. The kind of sickness that makes you want to curl up within yourself and hide until it passes.

Morning sickness is common. It’s (apparently) necessary, and it sucks. I’ve basically decided having nausea 24/7 is one of the worst things a pregnant woman goes through, perhaps even worse than labour itself!

Luckily, it does often have an end date (until the second trimester, or so). It’s a long three months, but it’s only three months, not a lifetime. And yes, it is oh-so-worth-it.

This time around I found it a bit more difficult to manage. My midwives tell me it’s because I am chasing a two-year old around day and night, and I guess that added exhaustion just makes it feel worse. BUT, it has taken a turn & it’s on its way out. HOORAY! I’m in to my second trimester now, and I am starting to feel human again (though a bit bigger of a human than three months ago ;).

Moms out there… Congratulations. You’ve done a fantastic job at going on with life through your early pregnancy, even though you really just want to expire & leave the job to someone else. And moms with more than two kids? How the heck did you manage? Morning sickness is tough. Hats off to you.


2 thoughts on “Fifty-Two | Thirty-Seven

  1. I too found myself wondering how the heck anyone would get through it with more than one child! Good grief, I am such a suck when I feel awful and morning sickness and I are NOT good together! ; ) Sadly, I was very Bi&*%$y as well. Poor Kev. I think he is very please with just two children! ; ) So glad that you’ve turned that corner. This is still all just so exciting! ; )

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