Fifty-Two | Thirty-Five

52:35 | Motherhood is: camera shy
or just to busy to get on film |

This little monkey is tough to capture. I look at my aperture library & see fewer and fewer still, face shots. She’s always on the move!

I’ve got to spend some time learning more about capturing kids in motion, while still getting a great picture. I don’t want to be standing there making all kinds of sound effects trying to capture her attention for one brief millisecond, to then just get the side of her head.

Those still, motionless (or almost motionless) pictures are of the past. This girl is fast & she loves to move.


3 thoughts on “Fifty-Two | Thirty-Five

  1. lots and lots of practice…and like 100 shots for each try! ; ) i am sitting at home taking photos of the girls today and yes, they are zippy fast, but if i just sit and wait, eventually i will get “the” shot i was hoping to get. today, the light it dull outside (and my house, inspite of white walls) does not get a lot of natural light and so its quite dark. i have been playing around with shutter speed and white balance to get it right. also, one tip I have for getting a straight shot is to let out a crazy sound. be ready to snap it, and the when she looks at you to see what the heck you are doing, SNAP! most of the time i just follow my girls around as they play and try to have a conversation with them….”wow, what’s that in your hand?” “show me that dolly,, what’s her name?” just stuff to get them in my direction. or i move as well. also i find that a 50mm lens is great for these kinds of shots. fast and it takes in a lot of light as well. just some tips from another mommy snapper!

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