three hours

It’s amazing what three hours can feel like when it’s kid free.

After some contemplating, debating, humming and hawing back and forth, and a bit of pressure from Wes, I decided to take Sophie to a drop in daycare for the morning. We have a fantastic, home-run daycare across the street, and she just so happens to have space right now for a bit of drop-in until she fills her regular spot. Yesterday morning, Sophie went for her first run at “being away from mom (or other family),” and she did great! I got a full report of what they got up to, and Sophie had a blast playing, doing art, and spending time with some other kids her age.

Who enjoyed it even more? me. Yes, it was a fantastic idea, and I am so glad that I have taken this opportunity to spend a bit of time on my own. Those three hours flew by, and I enjoyed every one-hundred and eighty minutes of it. Not only did I feel refreshed, I was so excited to pick her up.
Here are a few pictures from my special time alone. :)

A walk in the rain and leaves

getting caught up…

a mid-morning snack

And here’s a picture sent to my by the daycare, to show you just how much fun Sophie had too.




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