Fifty-Two | Thirty-Four

52:34 | Motherhood is: Chaos |

Am I alone in having a picture as terrifying as this? Does anyone else’s living room resemble half of this at the end of a day? Yikes!

I don’t know if this is a phase, or what, but this is how Sophie “plays” lately. She pulls everything she basically owns, out, and scatters it throughout the house. I can get her to help me clean up, that much we’ve accomplished, but once it’s in its designated spot…she’s at it again.

I mentioned before the book, Simplicity Parenting, by Kim John Payne. I think this guy knows what’s going on (and perhaps has seen through my living room window at the chaos that is “Sophie playing”). I’ve taken his advice to heart, and have consciously put away a lot of Soph’s toys. Last birthday, I requested no gifts…and still? This is happening, every day. We’ve just got too much stuff.

I think it’s time to get hard-core. Time to leave maybe 5 or 6 things out, and see what happens. Maybe she’ll actually play with her things, and enjoy them more? I want to encourage creativity & playing… so I don’t want it to be too restricted, but this “display toys all over the house” thing is rather hard to live amongst. I’m beginning to understand why people have play rooms….hmm…


2 thoughts on “Fifty-Two | Thirty-Four

  1. Okay, TRULY, I couldn’t tell if this was the before or after pic! That mess isn’t THAT bad (and we have really high standards)….our two spread toys across the house faster than I can keep up with them! We started putting some toys away in bins and switching them out periodically. They honestly seem to have more fun with fewer toys :)

  2. Ha! I once posted a photo that looked quite similar to this. oh my goodness, my girls are ridiculous. Once they get to the age that they CAN and should clean up it gets harder. Such a difference between my girls. But honestly its still a struggle, EVEN when I tell them that “if we take out the play-doh it gets put away BEFORE we do anything else. We nearly handshake on the deal. I lose my mind when they still PROTEST in spite of the deal we made…then I take it away and it becomes off limits until they are ready to negotiate proper play with it. Kevin wanted to create a play room and i put my foot down. It doesn’t matter if they have a designated playroom, the stuff will still make it into every room in the house AND they won’t have a sense of needing to clean up as much, I think. Cleaning up has got to be one of the hardest things to get them on board with. Sometimes “fast clean” works, when its a game to have the room cleaned before the end of the Bieber song! ; ) Anyway…its doesn’t get easier with age. ; ) I do love KJP thoughts on compliance. I found myself channelling him tonight just before dinner. “Oh dear….” . Practice now so you can change your destiny! ; )

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