Fifty-Two | Thirty-Three

52:33 | Motherhood is: flying solo |

Wes has been traveling with work a lot more lately, really giving me the full run at parenting.

It leads to long days, negotiations, & hoping that she takes that nap (fingers and toes crossed!). I can’t shut off my parenting at 6:00 PM for an hour, unlike the days when he is home at his normal time.

This go-around Wes is away for a full 12 days. No weekend break, no time to myself. I’m lucky in that my parents live close by, so I do have help if I need to go to an appointment or a break when they invite us for supper or to hang out. I can’t complain–I have that support that many don’t. But it’s still hard & I commend you, single parents. How you do this day in and day out is a mystery. You are my heroes. Parenting is a tough gig, especially when you have to go at it alone.

It’s also hard to stick with your routine when your hubs is away (or so I find). But, as we know and as I have learned, routines must go on. I still need to make that effort to put a healthy, hot meal on the table night after night. I still have to make sure that time that would normally be “dad time” is enriching and fills the gap. Life goes on & our homes and kids need our attention. Speaking of which, I have a ton of laundry to fold & dishes calling my attention…le sigh ;)

We miss you, daddy! xo


6 thoughts on “Fifty-Two | Thirty-Three

  1. I agree, hats off to all single parents. It’s a tough, yet rewarding gig! It’s 9 pm here, and yeah after work & supper & homework & Beavers (cause I’m a Beaver leader now), then showers & stories they are having sweet dreams and we get to relax, problem is I’m too tired & plan to curl up with my book soon and go to sleep as well. The smiling happy faces are SO worth it though :)

    • you’re right, it is rewarding & soooo worth it. Each night when I check on Soph before bed (and lately, it’s not too long after she’s just gone to bed!), I look at her little sleeping face & can’t help but smile & know it’s all worth it 100%.

  2. I can relate to this post. I am often flying solo, even before parenthood for us as a couple. It really is part of my life with children because its always been that way. It has its perks and challenges for sure. Thankfully this community is AMAZING and I have lots of friends with whom I get together for dinner dates and such when our partners are away. Yes, routines change all the time. I think its almost easier when its not a one-off and its becomes what the kiddos know as “the norm.”. Hopefully Sophie manages this ok. Wishing you patience and moments of ease in the coming days! USE that help! Its so worth it for both you and Sophie!

    • Thanks for your insight, Kristin. You really are a parenting “pro” and I love your advice and knowledge.
      It has def. become more of a “norm”; Sophie has done really well & we have settled in to our own routine that works well for us. Today she’s at a drop-in daycare for 3 hours, and boy oh boy, does it feel nice!!! (More to come on that later :)

  3. oh my goodness, ha! i am so not a pro! ; ) ha! i sometimes wish i was KJP!! ; ) now THAT’s a pro in the know! i love to share information of my experience though. sometimes it can be helpful to others! ; )
    ps. Wes, big props for your sweet message above mine! ; )

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