bits + pieces


Hello!! I know I’ve been somewhat absent on the blog-front… but it’s for a good reason! I’ve been a bit pre-occupied & distracted, and I have some stories coming on that soon. Thanks for your patience!!!

In the mean time, here’s what we’ve been up to lately, according to my iPhone. I hope you are all enjoying this transition in to fall; we had big flakes of snow this AM… but luckily it didn’t stick. Brrr!

1. stripes & stripes
2. garden bounty going into a stir fry
3. our artist hard at work
4. zzz
5. pumpkin loaf, smells like fall
6. reading to her pal
7. gingham & pigtails
8. leggy shadows
9. cuddling on the couch at nana & poppi’s


2 thoughts on “bits + pieces

  1. awesome collection as usual. love the fall shadow legs, pumpkin bread, gingham and pigtails and your little artist! hmmm. curious to know what pre-occupies you and distracts you. hope all is good.

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