Fifty-Two | Thirty-Two

52:32 | Motherhood is: seasons |

Ah, fall. It’s here, in full force. It was as if it went from being hot, warm, green, summer to crisp, yellow, autumn-y, fall in a single day.

And as we see summer turn to fall, we are in another season. One of growth and change. Sophie is talking– (nearly) full sentences, that actually make sense. We’re running everywhere. Playing alone with our toys (hooray for mom!). Reading our books as opposed to just naming the different pictures, and making every day decisions on our own, (cereal and milk peese, snack, appow [apple] peese).

With each changing season I am astonished of the seasons that children go through. From newborn to baby…toddler to little girl. No matter what each season brings and has to offer, they are all unique, fun, and come at exactly the right time in life.


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