Fifty-Two | Thirty-One

52:31 | Motherhood is: hair |

To cut or not to cut, that is the question.

When it comes to kids hair…it can be oh-so-challenging. Washing can be a struggle, brushing a pain… and keeping a barrette or elastic in at age two? The biggest challenge of all.
But it’s so cute! Those curls, that honey golden colour. We’re on a quest to grow it out, but those (slowest growing ever) bangs are really driving me crazy. Always in the eyes and not quite fitting behind her ear. Please, give me strength to leave them a little longer & not just chop them off!


One thought on “Fifty-Two | Thirty-One

  1. I so hear you on this one. Kamille’s hair was growing long and straight from the moment she was inside my belly…its just long, straight and always growing. Her cut is basic. Her hair was well down her back by Karis’ age. Karis, as you know, has KRAZY hair. It has taken me forever to figure it out. I have no advice…I just let Karis’ hair be crazy and in her face although it drives me nuts. A trim did help it to look a bit more…um…well, less crazy and it did even it out a bit for the growing out process. Until then, any barrettes or tiny ponytail I can get her to keep in is my best game plan. One day it will be long…one day. ; ) Good luck!

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