Yesterday our little pickle turned two.
The day was filled with family, cake, a new giraffe friend (much admired, and now he lives here!!!), and one giant balloon.

It’s safe to say that Sophie had the day of her life, and enjoyed her family coming to visit & share it with her.

Happy Birthday, Sophie. You are a joy; with each moment you get older we are more and more blown away by how amazing of a little girl you are. We love you!! xo


One thought on “two

  1. How did I miss this post? Kamille happened to be scrolling through your blog (sounds strange, yes) and then I saw photos of Sophie and the balloon that I hadn’t seen! Happy Birthday sweet Sophie! And Happy Birthing day to you Chella! The girls and I were stumped as to who Arlo was. I was drilling them through TV and movie characters…then I remembered that Arlo was your dog! Ha! Love Sophie’s giraffe! How perfect!

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