Fifty-Two | Twenty-Eight

52:28 | Motherhood is: doing things you enjoy
chances are your kids will enjoy it too |

Sophie has turned in to a real little helper as of lately.

It used to be that as I did household things, Sophie would play or follow me around trying to get me to play. Recently, she took interest in what I am doing and has asked me to help out, “Hep, Mommy? Hep?”.

Sophie loves to bake. We have now made a dozen or so different loaves together, and with each one she is getting better and more in to what she’s doing. She now drags the stool over and points to her apron and says “cake?” when she wants us to get baking. You would think it’s the “cake” itself that she would be interested in, but it’s much more the process of baking it that she’s in to.

Gardening is another task she has gotten in to. She loves to help water, and likes to pick things that are ripe & ready (sometimes a bit premature, but for the most part she follows direction well). She loves it when the neighbour’s girls come over, and she can show them each vegetable growing, and give them a small tour. You can see she takes pride in what she’s helped grow.

I hope that being happy and passionate about different things will teach Sophie to enjoy a variety of hobbies and have an open mind. Whether it’s spending time in the kitchen, or out in the back yard we are working on educating, exploring, patience, nurturing, and slowing down a little to enjoy the simple things.


3 thoughts on “Fifty-Two | Twenty-Eight

  1. This is something I began doing with my kids early on and has been a huge success. My daughter now age 7 can be unleashed on her own in the kitchen and be trusted to make us some fabulous cookies. It still amazes me every time!!

  2. Without a doubt you are creating lots of great experiences for her! I am sure my girls would love to come to your kitchen for some baking! The best I do at baking in muffins….and we are coming into our “muffin season” (rainy days!). Karis and i enjoyed looking at this post together as its just us home these days! She asked all about Sophie! ; )

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