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Since I became a stay at home mom, mealtimes have become a lot more important to me. Not only am I in charge of a little human being and what goes in to her tummy, but I also am the one who has the time to plan, shop, and prepare the meals that we take in day-to-day.

I’ve always loved food. I love talking about food, and eating food (of course). It must be genetic, because now Sophie loves food too! I am proud to say, we’ve created a good little eater.

Our little girl will eat anything. and I really mean, anything. Whether it’s lentil soup, curry, salad, herbs (mint, cilantro, etc), spicy foods, ethnic foods, tofu, seafood (shrimp cocktail is a favourite), or sushi….We don’t have a bread-and-butter, noodles, and hot-dogs kinda girl (though she would happily eat those things too).

Since she started on solids, I was diligent in offering her new tastes and flavours. We stuck with the basics at first, but once those were tried and tested, I gave her pretty much everything. Yes, we’ve had days when she wasn’t overly impressed with her peanut, chicken stir-fry, but she tried a few bites and  the next time it was offered, she would eat it no problem.

So, we’ve got another great eater in the family. We will continue to (enjoy) cook(ing) healthy, diverse, meals & hopefully continue to eat them with much just as much enthusiasm.

Sophie enjoying her lentil soup w/ a salmon salad sandwich & crackers

One thought on “Fifty-Two | Twenty-Seven

  1. Ah! I am such a food lover too. In fact, it wasn’t until I was mat leave with Kamille that I actually dove right into being a Kitchen Diva. I would have never guessed how obsessed I could get with trying new recipes. (However, I am NOT a make-by-scratch kind of girl. I am hopeless that way, but give me a recipe and I will make it – but not bake. That’s not my thing! ; ) Anyway…I like to think that my girls have been great eaters as well, but sadly things are changing as they grow up. One thing that I desperately wish my girls would like is exactly what Sophie is eating, SOUP and SANDWICHES! Oh my goodness, life would be easier and there are so many diverse ways to enjoy soup and sandwiches, but they refuse such an idea! Its flavoured bread and liquid, but they don’t like it that way! CRAZY kids I tell ya! This is why I cannot stand making lunches! Always a challenge! Well done Sophie!

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