Fifty-Two | Twenty-Six

52:26 | Motherhood is: watching them grow |

On Saturday, Wes took Sophie out for a morning of dad/daughter fun. When he got home, I took a look at the photos he took (including these 4 beauties), and was completely blown away at how old Sophie is getting. It hit me, just like that.

Is it possible that this is my baby? She isn’t a baby anymore…she’s a full-blown girl. From how she can pronounce “sound machine” without a hint of trouble, to how she can climb stairs & play at the park without my help anymore, this kid blows my mind at how quickly she is growing up.

I know everyone says, “enjoy every moment, because they fly by”…well, they’re right. It does go fast, and with each step, word, and new activity our baby is turning in to a full-blown kid – right before our eyes.

Photos taken by Wes, at the Squamish Spit

One thought on “Fifty-Two | Twenty-Six

  1. Oh, I had that exact moment today too. I took the girls to the pool and today, Karis just looked so much older all soaked and bouncing around. So a girl on the verge of not just splashing but wanting to try out swimming. Even her face looked older to me. I so get this.
    These are gorgeous shots of your gal! I’ve noticed this change in her in the past few posts myself! ; )

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