Fifty-Two | Twenty-Five

52:25 | Motherhood is: taking a breather |

I love being a parent. I love being a stay at home mom! But sometimes… you really need to just get away, and be on your own.

With Wes preparing to be away on business a couple of times in the next few weeks I decided to have a much-needed “run away from home” day this past weekend. I know,
“running away from home” sounds quite dramatic, and it really isn’t so…but around here if you don’t physically leave the area, you’re bound to be involved in part of the day-to-day that is going on at home.

Sophie has been in a “mommy” mood lately (as in wants mommy to do everything), so not only was it going to be nice to not here the word “mommy” for a number of hours in a row, I wouldn’t be there to fall back on.

Due to a threatening thunderstorm, our original plans to hike up the Singing Pass were squashed, so a back-up-plan was quickly thought up. I wanted to get out, and luckily my mom and dad did too! We ended up hiking to Petgill Lake, which starts at Murrin Provincial Park. It was a fairly tough 12 km’s, and every step, bead of sweat, and moment alone were well worth it.

I’ve mentioned “alone time” before, and I’m sure I’ll mention it again. There is nothing like getting away to recharge your batteries (even if it’s just on a hike, or going to the supermarket alone!). You leave feeling somewhat frazzled, a little stressed out… exhausted. Within an hour or two you start to think about how great your job is, and how much you enjoy every moment (yes, even the frazzled ones), and within another hour or so, you can’t wait to get home to all that chaos.


6 thoughts on “Fifty-Two | Twenty-Five

  1. There is nothing like a hike, whether it is 2 hours, or two days, to clear your head!! Whenever I head out my mind is racing with all the things I think are important, within two hours I can’t remember what they were!

  2. well done chella! gorgeous shots….and thanks for the reminder of that hike….its now on the list! ; ) i’m not sure of the singing pass though. will have to google it! thanks!

    • Yes, it’s a good one! (A bit of a stair master, but a chief-esk view at the top :)
      Singing Pass is atop Whistler…don’t know a lot about it, but it sounds lovely.

  3. I feel you on the needing a break every now and then. I’m the same way…just itching to get out of the house to…anywhere really. Once i get there, I enjoy every minute of non-mom duties. Then after about an hour, I started wondering what everyone’s doing back home. So excited to leave the house, and then just as excited to get home :) Great post!

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