bits + pieces

here’s what we’ve been up to lately, according to my iPhone.

1. ohyeswedid (for some reason, every time we drive through Pemberton, we end up at McDonald’s for one reason or another!)
2. cousin love
3. who are you looking at? (Asian Long-Horned Beetle)
4. Duffy Lake Road
5. park fun!
6. Ambleside Beach
7. hey neighbours, can I come and play?
8. sharing some noodles at Hawkers Delight (at Main Street and King Edward)
9. good times at IKEA


One thought on “bits + pieces

  1. hilarious. i am mid post about our most recent mcdonalds experience! so good, yet so awful isn’t it! the fries get me every time! you look SO MUCH like one of my friends in the photo of you and sophie eating noodles! seems like you have been here, there and everywhere!

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