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52:24 | Motherhood is: being informed |

I’ve mentioned before that I love to read. I also mentioned that I’ve been somewhat wary of certain pregnancy and parenting books. To give them credit, there are many great opinions out there, and there is certainly a lot of information available on both topics.

I recently came across an excerpt from the book, Simplicity Parenting, by Kim John Payne, and I basically realized this book was written for me, to me…with me in mind. It spoke to me so much that I didn’t hesitate to buy it on the spot, without even reading the summary of what it was really even about. It arrived, and I read it in no time flat (putting my likely more important tasks on hold).

I love this book. I love what the author discusses, and how he feels we should be working on raising our kids. It blew me away, and I bring it up often in conversation. I’ve already applied many of his points to our way of life.

Another book I am currently devouring is, French Kids Eat Everything (and yours can too), by Karen Le Billon. I know that “French parenting books” are sort of the “it” books right now, and since Bringing Up Bebe hit stores, have been selling like hot-cakes. BUT, the messages these two books are bringing forth really have something going on. French kids do eat everything, and they do it well! They are polite, refrained, and have a very grown-up-esk-ness to them. So ya, I’ve jumped on the French bandwagon, and will try to apply some of the points to my every-day life. Is it the only way one should parent? No…but it’s great to take bits of pieces from to help out your own ways of parenting.

So there we have it. I read parenting books. Some I love, some I don’t even finish. I try to work with an open mind & figure out what works best for us. There are a lot of different ways of doing things and it’s always good to stay informed. You never know when you might need a little bit of a push in one direction or another.


2 thoughts on “Fifty-Two | Twenty-Four

  1. Oh wow! So neat. I just finished an 8 week online course taught by Kim John Payne. What an brilliant teacher with such a gentle perspective on all things parenting! I always had an interest in the Simplicity Parenting ideas, but after doing this course, I really see how it resonates with how I am, and want to parent my girls. My course was called the Soul of Discipline. Such a great approach to responding to children when they are “disoriented.” I am sure that reading the book could help me learn more of the language. One day! ; )

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