Fifty-Two | Twenty-Three

52:23 | Motherhood is: routines |

Our life is all about routines.

We wake up, we have breakfast. We do a morning activity (or sometimes have chore morning), then have lunch followed by a nap. Afternoons are up in the air. Sometimes, it’s to the park we go, sometimes we play in the backyard (and do some gardening). Sometimes we go to Nana’s house, or meet for a walk, but it usually involves the fresh air. At 5:00 I cook dinner, 6:00 we eat. Daddy usually does bath time, and then 7:00 or 7:30, it’s off to bed. (phewf, adult time!)

This past weekend, we went camping with the Brulotte side of our family. Camping is fun, it’s different…routines change a bit here and there (read, 5:00 AM wake-up…ugh).

I’ve discovered though, that kids need routines. It makes them comfortable. They have something to rely on and they are able to feel secure. Without routines, they aren’t really sure what is around that next corner and it can really throw them off.

So, I stuck to some of the major routines. Lunch, followed by nap time. Success. Dinner, bath (thank you Auntie Christine & Uncle Derek for the use of your tub!), and bed by 7:00. Success. Camping was a breeze. Sophie was rested, cheerful, and with exception to rising earlier than usual, she slept like a star.

This kid needs her routines, and I think I do to. Being flexible here and there is fun & exciting, but it’s also nice to know there are a few things to rely on.

- photo taken in the Gilbert's trailer bath tub. Hellooo glamping -

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