Blue River

We just got back from five nights of camping in Blue River, BC. We had a great time with our family, and Sophie had a blast looking up to her four older cousins.

Blue River is an “eclectic” town of approx. 150 people. It’s main attractions are Heli-skiing and Snowmobiling, so in the summer it’s a lot quieter. The town consists of a couple of gas stations, a general store, a B&B, and the rest appears to be owned by Mike Weigele.

As far as camping goes, it was sufficient. The lake was beautiful (and only a 10 minute bike ride away), the campground was accommodating, the people were friendly, and we were surrounded by wilderness. The downside? MOSQUITOS. The Deep Woods OFF was in full force, and we are all still coated in bites. As I finish this post I am dreaming of a sponge bath of cool, pink, camomile lotion.


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