Fifty-Two | Twenty-Two

52:22 | Motherhood is: lists |

I wouldn’t get a whole lot done, if it wasn’t for lists. I’ve always been one of those pen-to-paper kind of people…I need lists to see what needs to be done, and do gauge my progress.

When I found out I was pregnant, the lists began. What did I need for the nursery? Did I have everything a “new mom” needs?

Once Sophie was born, the lists went from what we needed to how she was doing. She ate at 9:30. She ate at 10:30. She had a diaper change at 10:45. Went to sleep at 11:00… My midwife (and aunt, who was a pro at raising kids at this point) both recommended writing everything down. That wasn’t a problem for me–it was exactly my style.

Now I need lists to survive. My what’s for dinner list (including weekly grocery list), my cleaning to-do list, my things that need to get done in the next couple of weeks list, my appointments I need to make list…the list goes on and on, really (ha ha!).

This week it’s preparing for camping. We are heading north (a couple of hours out of Jasper) for a Brulotte family camping trip. We are lucky enough to be borrowing my parents RV, but it is still requiring a lot of organization on the packing front. The weather is unpredictable, kids need a lot of stuff, and we need enough food to feed 13 people.

So, I am listing away (I’m not sure “listing” is a word, but I’m using it) & I’m liking my progress. Here’s to hoping my list isn’t forgetting anything ;)


6 thoughts on “Fifty-Two | Twenty-Two

  1. Oh, from one list maker to the next, I SO GET THIS! I love love love lists. I’d lose my mind without one …or the three I usually have going on! ; )
    Camping! YAY! Looking forward to your camping stories!

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