Fifty-Two | Twenty-One

52:21 | Motherhood is: neglectful |

Meet Arlo.

Arlo was once our baby… Around four years ago, we picked him up at the Vancouver Pound, and it was like bringing home a new baby. We hadn’t owned a dog like him before. He was new, he was fun to figure out, and he came with many challenges (and benefits too, of course). A lot of our spare time was devoted to taking him on hikes, walks, to the dog park… He’d come for a ride in the car (cuz, you know, he might get lonely at home), he’d be allowed on the bed in the AM…this dog had it good.

Then along came Sophie and suddenly Arlo wasn’t baby anymore.

We still try really hard to get Arlo ample exercise (it’s good for us too!), but he has defiantly taken the back seat to Miss. Sophie. For the most part, he has totally rolled with it (he was very attentive and seemed to just “know” that she was the new queen of the castle), but from time to time he will let it be known he needs some attention too.

Thanks for hanging in there, Arlo. You really are a great dog!!

* and stay tuned…we’ve just sent away Arlo’s DNA to be tested to find out what cross-breeds he is! A full report is to come (since we’ve heard everything, from Great Dane, to Borzoi, Lab, Husky, Wolf, Kangaroo…you name it, we’ve heard it!) *


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