Fifty-Two | Twenty

52:20 | Motherhood is: patience |

Breathe in…breathe out…

This was my mantra last week. Yup, we had one of those weeks.

Sophie is a cheerful, fun, almost-always-happy, toddler…but last week? Alien baby. It started first thing Monday morning. Whining. Nagging. “Up, up, up”, and the need to be held constantly. Not only was she miserable, everything was “no”. “No mommy. No! NO! NOOO!”

“Do you want a snack?”
“Are you thirsty?”
“Would you like some special juice?” (this usually works when times are tough)
“Do you want to go outside and play?”
“Do you want to play with your toys?”

And so went four straight days.

I didn’t know if she was perhaps feeling a bit under the weather, or if this was the beginning of that so-called “terrible two” phase. She is twenty-two months, and I have definitely noticed a sense of opinion as well as the desire to test boundaries. So, I took many deep breaths. We went on lots of walks, and got lots of fresh air. And yes, it did pass… but boy-oh-boy, a lesson of patience was learned.


One thought on “Fifty-Two | Twenty

  1. Oh, no good. That’s tough to manage somedays, isnt’ it? I can tell you that I had that EXACT same thing with my girls. Just before they each turned 2 it was a serious phase of “preview” for the “terrible twos.” Good news is that, like Sophie’s mood, it does pass…but it comes back in different forms and passes again AND now that you’ve had your first taste, it won’t feel so “crazy” for next time. Although you may feel like you’re going crazy! Argh! Keep that mantra somewhere visible…..forever.

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