Fifty-Two | Eighteen

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capturing a moment in time |

If there is one piece of advice I could give to other moms, it would be to take tons of photos.

We recently had an opportunity to do a mini-family-shoot, with our favourite local photographer, Gabi Moeller. Did it pour rain, ending in us re-scheduling? Yes. Did Sophie, who is so absolutely cheerful and happy 99% of the time get very serious, and refuse to crack much of a smile? Yes. But you know what? That’s ok–look at our fantastic pictures that resulted in it.

I’m not suggesting everyone run out and buy an expensive photo-shoot, but I do suggest you take the time now and then to get a photo or two. I am quickly learning how fast kids grow, and I already find myself forgetting what Sophie was like 6 months, 10 months, 16 months ago! If it weren’t for my iPhone photos, grainy, taken with a camera I don’t know how to use yet (I know, shame on me!) photos, I would only have my memory to rely on. Let’s face it… next month, never mind 12 years from now it wont be as strong as a photo will.

So grab your camera, grab your family, and get snapping :)

P.S. Thanks, Gabi!


2 thoughts on “Fifty-Two | Eighteen

  1. i just love gabi’s work too! gorgeous photos of you all and of you and sophie in your header!
    i am so that girl that is always behind the camera. i can never seem to get it together to have a professional shoot. regrets of never capturing my pregnant belly too. bummer. love your family photo. very awesome and i know you will look back on this time in life with amazement that it used to be just like that! did you get a new fringe. i like that i really get an idea of what you look like now! ; ) will be looking for you in the crowds, rather than just sophie’s recognizable face! ; )

    • Thanks, Kristin! Yes, I didn’t get any pregnant pics either…maybe next time ;)
      Indeed, it’s just a matter of time that we bump in to each other!!! (and yes, the fringe is new ;)

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