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Hello, from Edmonton!

Growing up, I thought I had a pretty fair-sized family. Boy, was I wrong! Wes comes from a much larger family than I do… perhaps it’s the French-Canadian in him, or just a coincidence, but his family is very large, on both his mother and fathers side.

This past week we found ourselves in Grande Prairie for his cousins wedding (the last big Brulotte wedding was ours, 3 years ago!). Sophie had a great time mixing and mingling with her cousins, aunts & uncles, (many) great aunts & uncles, and her memere & pepere.

It was a fun affair, and we always look forward to these big (though sometimes overwhelming for me to remember who everyone is!!), family get-together’s.
One thing I know for sure…Sophie has no shortage of family, and will always have someone to lend an ear if need be! Thanks again, Brulotte’s ;)

~this photo is of our immediate family, on the Brulotte side~

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