Fifty-Two | Fifteen

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Whether it’s a cup of coffee, a playtime in the backyard, or dinner with a group of friends, there are usually some get-together’s involved when you have kids.

Kids love socializing. They love making friends, and they love playing with someone other than mom and dad.

This weekend was an unusually full-of-friends weekend. Such a treat!

We had two families over for an early supper this Sunday, and Sophie had a ball with her two pals Cooper & Chloe (and baby Alex too–but he’s much younger!). It’s so much fun to see the three of them interact together. They are all within a month of age, and they get along fantastically. We see a future of (hopeful) BFF’s.  :)


2 thoughts on “Fifty-Two | Fifteen

  1. Ah! So funny! My girls (mostly Karis!) know Cooper and Chloe (from daycare). K&K instantly named them when I showed them the photo! YAY for the kids’ table for eating! I am sure there were lots of silly giggles from them all!

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