Fifty-Two | Fourteen

52:14 | Motherhood is: living with lovey~
or binkie, or some other form of comfort |

Meet Baby G.

Baby G is Sophie’s Lovey, or security blanket. He, (somehow he became a “he”), goes with Sophie everywhere. Naps & bedtime are impossible without him, and he comes on most car rides, trips to the park, and to visit friends and family.

Sophie wasn’t a soother baby, but once she received Baby G for Christmas, they have been inseparable. Lucky (for us), he came in a package of three…a pair and a spare put out by Angel Dear (clearly they knew what they were doing, since the thought of losing Baby G at this point is quite terrifying).

I don’t know if it’s genetic, but I also had a blankie when I was small. “Sucky blanket” was what we called it, and I did just that. Sucked on the ribbon edging. Delicious.

Sophie can now be found with a corner or two of Baby G hanging from her mouth. He’s soggy, crunchy from time to time, and really quite unappealing…luckily easily washed (and there are three, so it’s easy to rotate them!).

I don’t know for how long she’ll need Baby G, but for now its true, unconditional, pure, can’t-live-without-you, love.


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