Fifty-Two | Thirteen

52:13 | Motherhood is: bumps & bruises |

*this photo was actually taken by Wes, so it’s a bit of a cheat week ;) –note the bruise on her forehead~ *

Bruises, cuts, scrapes, stubbed toes, falling and hitting the same spot on your forehead three times within an hour or two… Oh, being 20 months can be so hard on your body!

We’ve already encountered many injuries, but (knock on wood) they’re nothing that a few kisses, and some cuddling with Baby G (Soph’s beloved, lovey) can’t fix.

It seems that once they master walking, running becomes the method of transportation. Running within a millimetre of the table corner, running with what looks like two left feet, running head on in to low-lying objects. Can you please just slow down?!

I know this too will pass… things will be less interesting and maybe, just maybe she’ll slow down a little bit. At least she’ll be sturdier on her feet, and might just learn that falling can be prevented.

At least with kids, no matter what the injury is…it is quickly in the past and life just keeps on going. What a wonderful thing it is to live in the moment.


2 thoughts on “Fifty-Two | Thirteen

  1. Oh how I love that last line! What a wonderful thing to live in the moment. Just exactly where our kiddos are, eh? My good friend has her two boys and I am reminded of how fortunate for me it is that I am not following around a fearless boy who runs, jumps and leaps from everywhere. My heart skips a beat all. the. time. when they are around. I prefer the cautiousness of my girls! ; ) Far less danger it seems! ; ) Love this snap of Sophie!

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