Fifty-Two | Ten

52:10 | Motherhood is: Gardening
or getting excited about nature in another way |

In my opinion, nature is important. Getting outside, breathing the fresh air, and appreciating our surroundings is a big part of growing up in our family.

I was lucky. I grew up in Summerland, a small town in the Okanagan, nestled among coniferous trees, lakes, and rolling mountains. Not only did I grow up in Natures Playground, we lived on an acreage, where we were pretty much free to roam wherever we wished.

When Sophie was born (literallywe purchased our house when she was 10 days old), we were faced with the decision of where we would like to move (from our small, yard-less town house). For me, being close to nature was a big part of that decision. For a number of reasons we ended up in Squamish, and I have to say, for nature alone, it’s a fantastic place to raise kids.

I hope that my passion for mountains, forest, beaches, fresh air, and gardening, rubs off on my kids. I’ll be honest, there were many times in my childhood where I wanted nothing to do with being outside. I hated being asked to do chores on our farm, and would protest riding my bike to my friends for the “sake of fresh air”. BUT… here I am today. I 100% appreciate the exposure I had, and I believe it has given me a higher appreciation for what mother nature has to offer. At any given time you will find me outside, or if that can’t happen, at least inside with my windows & doors open letting the fresh air in.

photo is of one of my "early" garden beds I started last month.
Beets, arugula, radishes, spinach, swiss chard, peas, and broccoli!

One thought on “Fifty-Two | Ten

  1. well said! yay for the great outdoors and yay for the garden! we’ve got a small plot built in the only place we gets enough sun on our lot. seeds should be in by now, but we’ve slacked a bit on THAT part. gotta get on it! great reminder!

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