Sophie’s picks

Since Sophie loves to read so much, I thought I’d do a post on the books she’s loving right now. She’s somewhat obsessed when it comes to reading… constantly asking my to drop everything and read her one of her favourite stories.

Here are her latest obsessions.

1. Waters, by Edith Newlin Chase

Using paper sculptures, the author & illustrator take you on a cross-country journey through streams, rivers, and oceans, on a wildlife-watching adventure.
Sophie loves the animals on each page, whom make the water their home

2. Moo, by Matthew Van Fleet

A fun, interactive lift-the-flap book, full of farm animal fun.
A major lover of farm animals, this is one of Sophie’s all-time-favourite, book series

3. Big Red Barn, by Margaret Wise Brown

A great farm-animal read, with illustrations that attract a toddlers eye.

3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle

This classic just keeps on being a favourite. I remember reading this as a kid, and the little caterpillars journey from egg to butterfly continues to capture everyone’s attention.

4. Pantone Colors

I had heard this book was a hit among toddlers, and came across it on sale at Barnes & Noble. Turns out they were right! This simple book about colours is a real favourite!

5. Basic books about Animals

Most parents are familiar with books that have images such as these. They are available at all book stores, drug stores, grocery stores… I haven’t met a mum yet who hasn’t read one of these a few dozen times. In fact, I had to box them up and put them away for a while… I just burned out on them for a while!
An all time favourite… I think we’ll be reading these for years to come, “What does a cow say?” ;)


7 thoughts on “Sophie’s picks

  1. So fun! Inspires me to think what my kidlets are reading right now…
    Emily – anything about cats. Archie comics.
    Chloe – No particular favorite at the moment, will love it if it’s written for a 7 year old girl!
    Jack – “Ready for fun” about some cows that jump on a poor chicken’s sofa.

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