bits + pieces

1. snacking on dehydrated pears/ 2. box of goodies (a cell phone, orange & bunny is all you really need)/ 3. running & singing/ 4. afternoon snack/ 5. amber necklace & curls/ 6. someone decided to take their diaper off and push it in their grocery cart/ 7. rhino (these animals find themselves all over the house)/ 8. hubs brought me a gift!


3 thoughts on “bits + pieces

  1. Fun & pretty!
    I’ve been reading another blog for a while and she posts weekly about ‘Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real’. One-ish pic and a blur per item. It seems like a fun way to choose pics and topics. This week she has a pic of a pretty dish where she keeps her rings, a sweet pic of her little boy, then a funny one of him, then one where she dropped a jar of syrup that smashed/oozed everywhere. :);)

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