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52:7 | Motherhood is: reading |

This is a bit of a cheat-post, as I didn’t get my SLR camera out once this week. I guess it was just one of those weeks, where the time flies & I didn’t have enough chance to slow down and take some pictures. This photo was taken last weekend in Seattle.

Anyway, reading.

I love to read. I love books; I love ordering books, browsing book stores, receiving books, and mostly, hearing about a new book, “you have to read. It was that, blow me away, good!”.

When I found out I was pregnant, I instantly purchased the cult-best-seller book, What to Expect When you are Expecting. That book, along with quite a few others quickly piled up on my bed-side table. I soon learned though, that pregnancy books are scary, they open up a whole side to pregnancy that I found both terrifying and fascinating. Why tell-too-much? I had no idea the large amount of things that could go horribly wrong in those 9 months. How many diseases, conditions, changes to your body, relationship worries, trauma etc. that would accompany this special time. It was as if they wanted to tell me, “HEY YOU! You’re pregnant. Congratulations! We need to warn you though, that there are a ton of things that might go wrong…In fact, you might not make it out of this experience without one of these horrible things happening to you!”.

Not all pregnancy books were bad, no, and there were definitely some very useful pieces of information in these pregnancy bibles. I just think that maybe we need to slow down, step back, and focus a little more on what pregnancy really is all about.  Child birth has been happening for many, many years…before these books covered the shelves of stores and our homes, and we should be a little less….well, afraid.


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