Fifty-Two | Five


We’ve been without internet for the past week. Yes, a whole, entire, week!

I felt badly that I could not continue my weekly routine of uploading my motherhood post on Sunday. I’ve only been doing this for four…five weeks, and already I’m hooked!

So….that being said (and sorry it’s late!),

52:5 | Motherhood is: dirty |

Yes, life can be messy… We clean up after our young ones, we sort, wash, fold, [sort, wash, fold…sort, wash, fold…sigh] laundry, we do the dishes, we tidy up…there is always some sort of mess about us.

Dirt is different. It’s not mess, it’s dirt. No, you don’t really want dirt in your house, but a little dirt never killed anyone, did it?

With the constant rain (will it ever end?!), we have to make light of the weather we are given and head outdoors despite the mud, cool temperatures, and dirt. If we didn’t, we’d go crazy in our west-coast, wet-weather days.

I figure, you’ve got to get a little dirty in order to really have fun. Sure, I could be uptight that the dirt will get tracked through the house, that I’ll have to vacuum the floor yet again, once we all get in and undressed (and someone, likely the dog) runs through the living room with muddy feet. But, I don’t really care. I want us to have fun-even if it means getting wet, or dirty.

If I was scared of dirt, I wouldn’t have captured a few of these wet, muddy, moments. And these moments make it soooo worth it.


lovin' the (rain filled) water tub & sand combo

I could fall in that puddle once, or I could fall in it thrice!

I don't make much mess, do I?...


4 thoughts on “Fifty-Two | Five

  1. So true!! Though I do find the ‘no shoes past the front door’ rule to be very helpful in keeping the dirt at bay. I didn’t have it when I was growing up – how did my mom survive!!???

  2. oh my goodness, i just went crazy over not having an internet connection for nearly 24 hours…i don’t think i would survive a week…mostly my mark in my online MA course would be brutal for the week….; ) and even just this morning in the hours before our tech arrived to our home, we were disappointed to not be able to make easter cookies…because our recipe we planned to use was ONLINE! ; )

    anyway…dirt..ya, such a pain isn’t it. we used to have a dog and i can say that since he passed away there is far less dirt…dogs are the biggest dirt trackers aren’t they! they are GUILTY by far!….sadly they can’t help it in this climate, eh!?

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