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I don’t know about other kids, but ours is obsessed with animals. Give her the choice between animals (of any kind), a doll, cars, books, etc.. it will be the animal, hands down. Perhaps my love of dogs, or growing up on a small farm has rubbed off on her, or perhaps it is just genetic. It’s safe to say we have a few hundred animal themed books, toys, and games. Everything we own is ‘animal’.

Sophie’s been a bit under the weather the past couple of days, so we decided to do something she would go mental over and we headed to Maplewood Farms, in North Vancouver. It was sunny, warm, and oh-so-inviting. Best Sunday outing we’ve had in a while! Needles to say, it was a huge hit. Probably her most favourite day so far (if toddlers have “favourites”).


One thought on “Fifty-Two | Four

  1. Ha! I can totally remember thinking that about everything being about animals. Like our kids learn animal noises just as fast as they learn the english language! ; ) Yay for Maplewood Farms! Such a fun place!

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