Fifty-Two | Three

52:3 | Motherhood is: Diapers |

If there is one thing involved in being a mother, it’s diapers.
If the average baby uses up to ten diapers a day, over two or three years, that adds up!

We made the decision to go cloth when Sophie was maybe around eight or nine months old. I had thought about it quite a lot leading up to her birth, but decided against it, figuring it would be much easier to go the disposable route. Of course, disposables are easy, but after reading more about it (and realizing how much I was putting in to the landfill on a weekly basis), I realized that in this day and age, cloth is just as easy too.

After some research, we decided to go with Bum Genius, and their 4.0 one-size pocket diaper. They aren’t cheap (around $22 per diaper), but they are well worth the money. They are easy to use (velcro or snap enclosures, adjustable to fit the size of your baby, and easy to wash), and they fit from 7-35+ lbs.

Now, since making the decision to go cloth I’ve heard everything. I know they aren’t for everyone, but they are fantastic for me, & I wouldn’t go back. Ever.
Yes, you have to deal with the mess (but flushable liners make this quite easy), yes, you have to wash and fold them, and yes, it does increase your laundry. BUT, no, it isn’t jacking my hydro up enough to cost the same as disposables, no, I’m not constantly covered in baby-body-fluids, and no, it is not impeding my child’s growth and development (yes, I have heard such concerns).

I would suggest that if you are in the market for cloth diapers you do your research. There are tons of brands out there (cloth diapering is on a come-back!), and there are amazing web sites and products (such as this detergent…It’s the most amazing product EVER) out there to make it easy for you. Since you’re going to be stuck dealing with diapers anyway, maybe look at what options are available to you. You might save money, help keep unnecessary waste out of landfills, and have fun somewhat enjoy doing it.


2 thoughts on “Fifty-Two | Three

  1. I read this as I am just finishing my 2nd day in a diaper free household. We loved our cloth diapers (the cheapest Kushies brand out there!) and I used them for both my girls up to 22 months! Just three nights ago I put my very last Huggies on my little girl (and I was totally emotional over it!) and now she is nappy free. We are Potty training like mad over here in my house! I miss diapers…. the mess I’ve been dealing with lately has been all over the floor and not in a diaper! ; ) lol. anyway…..happy diapering! Those sure are cute diapers in that photo! Way nicer looking than my good ol’ Kushies! ; )

  2. Yippee, diaper free! Some days (messy days) I look forward to the time we will be diaper free (I’m sure we have a number of years ahead of us, as we plan on having another bebe someday…). For now I will enjoy it, since it really is such a limited time.
    Enjoy your new “non-diapering” phase!!

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