the worlds smallest moccasins

Today, the rainiest of days, brought us to New Westminster, to visit my Grandma.

We had a great visit, and Sophie had a lot of fun going through her apartment terrorizing everything in sight (my Grandma has many things a toddler would love to get her little hands on!).

What present did Great Grandma have for Sophie? These totally adorable, hilariously small & legitimate “Indian-leather” moccasins.

The irony with this gift is that growing up, I hated moccasins. My dad would wear them around the house (fair enough!), and would keep them on (in spite of my hatred?) to pick me up from school programs, or (heaven forbid) my friend’s house. The absolute worst, during my teenage angst years, what when he’d wear them grocery shopping.

Anyway, I must have gotten over it because I recently purchased a pair of my own Minnetonka’s & now, am so very proud that Sophie has a pair too (and yea, I’m aware they offer no real support…but they are so cute!).

Thanks, Grandma! xo


2 thoughts on “the worlds smallest moccasins

  1. Happy to follow you along on your new blog journey! And now that I have seen this photo of you up top, I am positive that I spied you at Little Sneakers last week. Its funny because my girls and I often check things out the in big room after swimming and on that day there were lots of familiar faces and at times I can’t recall why they are familiar to me. It could be for a number of reasons….I recognized Sophie’s face, but couldn’t place her right away…and because I don’t think I I’d seen a close up of you in your blog I didn’t think blog world! As soon as I saw this picture I recalled the Hunter boots…and now I am sure it was Sophie and you that I saw! I’ll be sure to say hello if I see you both out and about.

    P.S. My dad still wears those moccasins too! Thankfully he only wore them at home! ; )

    And yay for a new camera. Have you got onto I heart yet? Its a great site for online learning and tutuorials. There are a bunch on fb links that I use for inspiration and ideas and learning too. I will like your page and forward some to you for having a look. Just wait till spring comes and we can get outdoors for more natural light shots! Sooooo much fun!

    • Hi Kristin! Thanks for following me over to my new blog :) It’s great to have supporters when you are just starting out.

      That is too funny that you saw me at Little Sneakers. Yes, it was Sophie, & it was me! It’s somewhat bizarre to be living in a city with someone you’ve never met…yet feel like you somewhat know?! I do hope we bump in to each other in the future–I’ll be sure to say hi too.

      Thanks for the tips on the camera website. I def. have a lot to learn!

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