Fifty-Two | One


Thank you for checking out my new blog. You may wonder why I’ve decided to start a new one, and the easiest answer is that I needed a purpose & more of a sense of focus.

It was easy to upload pictures and write about what we were doing, but the blog had no real sense of order to it (which is something I really need), and no real objective. Enter project 52. 52 weeks of working on my photography (which is important to me), documenting daily life, and creating something that upon completion will be a collection of sorts that I can share with my kid(s).

My daughter, Sophie, is one and a half, and I swear it feels like she was just born a few weeks ago. Time is precious, and I realize it is time to slow down, take it all in and really enjoy and cherish this time we have together.

This leads me to focus on Motherhood, this time around. I am a stay at home mom; a job that is challenging, rewarding, and is a real, full-time gig. It’s something I take seriously; it’s something that I am proud of, grateful of, and really want to share with my family. I want my kid(s) one day to look and see just how important of a job it is, how much work, organization, and love go in to it. I want them to see how much it means to me.

So, that being said…

Project 52:1 | Motherhood is: Precious | 

Sophie will be 18 months in a couple of weeks, and I feel like the time is slipping away. What happened to my infant, my 6 month, my 1-year-old?! Where has the time gone?

Life in general is busy, fast-moving, and as it is upon us, is in the past. Having a child really helped to put things in to prospective and make me realize what in life is worth working for. Something about creating this being, that after 9 months appears, and is so full of life, really made me look at the world and what really is important to me. Things I once took for granted (my body, for example) are now highly regarded. Things I used to worry myself sick over (old baggage, etc) are now unimportant. Motherhood has shown me what to focus my time on, and that this time really is precious.


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